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Learn — Gluten

What is gluten?

#TWK Nutrition Series Gluten Nutrition Facts

W H A T I S G L U T E N ? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, processed wheat products and other grains like rye, spelt and barley.WHERE IS IT FOUND IN OUR DIET? Gluten can be found in both western and asian diets. It is commonly used in bakery products like bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, chapati, noodles, cakes and pastries.Or can be used as a thickener and flavour enhancer in processed foods like soups, ice cream, sweets, nut mix coatings, as well as ready made sauces and salad dressings, like soy, hoisin, ketchup, gravy and cesear dressing.EFFECTS? Even if you’re...

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