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Sugar - Does 'healthier sugar' exist?

#TWK Nutrition Series Nutrition Facts sugar

• S U G A R • Why eat less? Put simply, if you eat more sugar than your body needs it gets stored on the body as fat AND can lead to many serious chronic diseases. Sugar is also highly addictive so the more you have the more you crave. When you remove a lot of the sugar from your diet, you will notice you don't crave the sweet stuff as much, feel more satisfied and have less overall hunger.   WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE EAT THE SWEET STUFF? When we eat sugar it enters our blood stream and raises our blood sugar levels. Having...

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Is there sugar hiding in your everyday foods?

Nutrition Facts sugar

Is there sugar hiding in your everday foods? Absolutely! Added sugar can be found in almost every processed food and can contribute to weight gain, digestive issues, skin problems, poor sleep quality, brain fog or more serious health conditions. The good news is that once you recognise the highly additive nature of sugar and remove it from your diet many of the above conditions will start to change. As you start to stabilize your blood sugar, you lose the afternoon sugar cravings, you will have more energy and start to appreciate how sweet real food can be, like carrots and...

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