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Your products are refined sugar free but what are their overall sugar levels like?

All our products have been designed to have low overall sugar levels. Being a nutrition coach, Anne has made sure each product has the lowest level of natural sugar possible without compromising taste. If you would like to see more detail, we have included a nutrition table for each of our products so you can really understand in more detail what you are eating.

What constitutes a healthy diet in your view?

A healthy diet is full of vegetables, good quality proteins and healthy fats and good whole carbohydrate sources. It is about choosing real whole foods rather than overly processed foods. It is also about balance, the 80:20 rule – eat well 80% of the time and leave the 20% for indulgence.

What natural sugars do you use?

At The Whole Kitchen we believe in balance and having a small amount of natural sugar can be part of a healthy diet. The natural sugars we currently use in our products (when called for) are raw honey, dried fruit including a variety of dates, sulphite free dried apricots and longans and unrefined coconut sugar, which is a natural sugar extracted from the flesh of coconuts and dried naturally. All these natural sugars are less refined than white sugar and won’t raise blood sugar levels quickly like refined sugars do.


Where do you make your food?

We work out of a certified AVA commercial kitchen.

How do I order on line?

You can order online under the "SHOP ONLINE" section of our website.

How can I pay?

You can pay via 2 methods through our website – Paypal and Credit Card

Once I place an order, how quickly can I have it delivered?

We currently deliver on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. When you place your order you will be able to select the best day and time for you from the earliest available delivery date. Please ensure there is someone available to receive your delivery.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free for all orders above $SGD 70. A delivery fee of $10 will be applied to orders below $SGD 70.

Where in Singapore do you deliver?

We deliver island wide.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we do not ship internationally, however, stay tuned!

Our Products

Are your products fresh?

All products are handmade by professionals in Singapore using premium ingredients. All products are preservative, chemical free and handmade with love. You may find a rosemary sprig or ginger chunk as they are prepared by hand not by a machine. They are fresh and have a limited shelf life. Please see pack for more details.

Why do you have nutritional tables on all of your products?

All our products are tested by a third party to ensure the nutritional labels are accurate. We are confident in the nutrition of our products and are happy to share this information with you to help you make good choices.

What is the shelf life?

All our products are again tested by a third party to ensure food safety and consumer confidence. All our products are made fresh without preservatives or stabilizers so they do have a shorter shelf life than other products on the market. The estimated shelf life will vary depending on the product. 

What is the best way to store your products?

Nuts and Granolas are best kept in cool, dark and dry places. Ensure bag is resealed correctly and remove as much air as possible once opened. For longest lasting freshness, once you have opened a pack, store products in an air tight container in your pantry or refrigerator.

Pearls and cakes must be refrigerated. Please see pack for more details.

Do you use organic produce?

Wherever possible we select organic, non-chemical, premium products. We have close relations with all of our suppliers and are constantly learning so we deliver you the best quality products we can.

Are your products suitable for celiacs?

Although our kitchen is completely free of gluten products, we are unable to control third parties. However most of our products have been under gluten testing offshore. Please contact us for more detail.