Our Philosophy

From our beginnings with our granolas and nut mixes, to our much loved breads, cakes, muffins, we’ve come a long way. Our number one priority has always been ensuring that our products are as tasty as they are good for you. That’s why all of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients, they’re either low in natural sugars or have none at all, and they are always gluten free. 

Not only that, but everything we produce is baked fresh, every day, right here in Singapore, so you can be sure that it’s of the highest quality, having been locally made by our dedicated team. 



All Natural

For us, being all natural means consistently using whole food ingredients as the foundation of our delicious creations as these have been proven to be the best nourishment for your body. When we say “chocolate” we mean a nutrient rich blend of organic raw cacao, coconut oil and organic coconut sugar, when we use orange zest it involves zesting real whole oranges by hand, and making nut butters means blending in-house from whole nuts. No artificial preservatives or additives are ever used in our kitchen, instead we prefer for our products to have a shorter shelf life and to be baked fresh daily.

While it might not be the easiest way to do it, we don’t take any shortcuts here at The Whole Kitchen, it’s what sets us apart and what makes our food taste so good.


Gluten Free

You may be asking why all of our products are gluten free, it’s because we’re now consuming gluten (and wheat) more than ever before. Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It’s found in so many of the processed and packaged foods we buy, including breads, cakes, cereals, cookies, crackers, pasta, pizza, salad dressings, sauces, and even nut mixes! – unfortunately, these are all of the things we just can’t get enough of! 

The only problem is that many of us actually have a sensitivity or intolerance to gluten that can often go unnoticed, even if you might recognise the symptoms. It may be felt in the form of stomach aches, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, fatigue, or headaches. Depending on the severity, these symptoms could either be mild, or in some cases debilitating. The majority of us will likely not make the connection between these symptoms and gluten as being the cause, and it isn’t until we make changes in our diets that we start to be able to pinpoint certain foods as being the problem. Even if you don't have a gluten sensitivity, most people generally feel better when they reduce the amount of gluten in their diet.  

Gluten has been found to negatively impact the lining of the gut, creating “leaky gut” or intestinal permeability, even in those who do not have celiac disease or a severe gluten allergy. Our gut lining is supposed to be strong and tight, keeping food, waste, and microbes inside the digestive tract. Gluten can cause gaps in the lining allowing particles to leak into the bloodstream (where they don’t belong), creating an immune response and inflammation. 

Many of the foods that we consume don't really need to contain gluten and this is where The Whole Kitchen products fit in. We are constantly challenging ourselves to get creative with new naturally gluten free ingredients that are pleasing on the palate and will substitute the gluten rich versions in our sweet treats, snacks and granolas without compromising on taste.

We believe that for many people eating a gluten free diet can help them to feel their best if done the natural way. That’s why all of our products are gluten free, and many are made using whole foods which are naturally gluten free, think nuts, seeds, and fruits! We use gluten free flours, like brown rice flour and buckwheat flour in our breads, and low carbohydrate nutrient-dense flour substitutes such as almond flour and cashew meal in our pastries. It is our aim to always have your best interests at heart and provide both great taste and the nutrition your body deserves.


Low Natural Sugars

We believe that eating a diet low in sugar is one of the best ways to support your health. Many of our products use no sugar at all, however when we do want to add a bit of sweetness, we only use natural sugar sources, such as local honey, fresh and dried fruits, and coconut sugar.

We don’t use any refined sugars or sweeteners (white sugars or table sugar) in our kitchen as these are highly processed and promote spikes in our blood sugar levels. This rapid rise in blood sugar levels leads to the production of insulin, also known as the fat storage hormone, which transports the sugar to be stored as fat in the body if not burned off through exercise. When we eat a lot of refined sugar, it can lead to a multitude of health problems such as weight gain, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. On top of this, refined sugars contain no essential nutrients, they are empty calories and effectively provide your body with no health benefits whatsoever. 

When you take refined sugars out of your diet and reduce your overall sugar intake, your body will notice many positive effects, including greater energy levels, greater clarity, clearer skin, brighter eyes, better sleep, less belly fat, less bloating and better digestion.

This is why we strive to keep sugar levels in our food to a minimum, without compromising on taste and we are always seeking creative ways to sweeten and flavour food that will get your taste buds singing.