Our Responsibility

At The Whole Kitchen we are passionate about being kind to both ourselves and Mother Earth. It’s why sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds when we make any kind of business decision. Our products are always sustainably sourced, we use organic ingredients where possible, we’re creating more plant based products,we’re avoiding food waste and we’re reducing packaging. These are part of our commitment to a healthier you and a healthier planet.

Zero waste

One of our most important goals is ensuring we have zero food waste. We design the majority of new products aroung our existing product ranges to create less waste. In addition to this, we make a vast majority of our products to order so there’s rarely anything made in excess, and you know your products are always fresh. And finally, if there ever is any food leftover we donate it to Foodbank so that they can support the community. Find out more about their Feed the People Initiative here

Locally made, locally sourced

All of our products are made fresh right here in Singapore and we always try our best to source our raw ingredients from local partners. Not only does this help small businesses, but it also helps to dramtically reduce the size of our carbon footprint. Other ways we reduce our carbon footprint is by ordering less frequently, and repairing our machines instead of replacing them.

Whole, organic, ingredients

We are always on the lookout for organic, plant based ingredients to cook with, and always aim to include as many as we can in everything we produce. We use only whole ingredients, and we guarantee that you’ll never struggle to pronounce the names of anything we use in our products.

Reduced packaging

Packaging is a constant conversation both globally and here at The Whole Kitchen. We’re always trying to find more ecological ways to package our products, whether that be by using less labels, or sourcing biodegrable packaging wherever possible – our Pantry range and nut mixes are all packaged in biodegradable packets! We’re also working to reduce our outer packaging by delivering fresh bread to our partners in reusable cartons, and any cartons that do get thrown out are always recycled 

Supporting the community

As we mentioned already, we collaborate with Foodbank when we have any excess food to not only reduce food waste but also to support those in need. We also work with special organizations to provide work for the underpriveleged, and design many of our own programs with charity and donating in mind, such as our Guest Chef Series.

Muslim Friendly Brand 

Since 2019 The Whole Kitchen has operated as a Muslim friendly establishment. Having previously been Halal certified by MUIS, we will continue to follow all processes and procedures as presented in the HalMQs until current formal licensing has been finalized. We will continue to encourage diversity and with this employ muslim staff and appoint a muslim leadership to oversee that the operation has the current Halal certificates for medium to high risk materials and other auditing procedures. The Whole Kitchen will continue to operate as a no pork, no lard and no alcohol company.

Plant-based products

We’re also aware of the growing impact of non-plant-based produce. We offer a large range of vegan bakery and snack products that are clearly marked as such on our packaging and across our website. Our vegan ranges include all of our Breads, Brownies, Grain-Free Granolas (this does not include Almond Oat), Energy Balls, and Nut Mixes. Click here to see our entire Vegan range.

Sustainable partners

We are part of the Green is the New Black orgnization who do XYZ, and we also partner with Susgain and Foodbank.