Our Story

The Whole Kitchen’s story began in 2015 when two Singapore-based Australians, Anne and Susan, joined forces to create the healthy and tasty foods they were struggling to find themselves. At the time, Anne was working as a health coach and was looking for healthy products, not only for herself, but also to recommend to her clients. Susan, a classically trained chef, had just had her second baby and was looking for family friendly options that were not only good for you, but tasted amazing too. Together, they set out to prove that healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless, and tasty doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. 

Their shared passion for real food and their understanding of its benefits for health and vitality, is what inspired them to bring their skills together. With Susan’s affinity for great tasting foods, and Anne’s knowledge as a certified health coach, The Whole Kitchen was born. Today it is known as a brand that stands for genuine health, great taste, and natural goodness, always striving to reignite people’s love for food.



Susan Soulard, Operations and Culinary Director

Susan grew up in the beautiful Blue Mountains, the Australian bush west of Sydney. It wasn’t until her teenage years that she began to take note of the foods and flavours being created by the inspirational women around her. For Susan, food has always been more than just a way to fuel the body, it is medicine for the soul - a way to bring people together. 

Despite a short stint at Sydney College of the Arts, Susan followed her passion into the hot kitchens around the world, from the hippy, organic cafés of Byron Bay to the fine dining restaurants of Europe. Having spent 10 years globetrotting and honing her skills as a Chef, she returned to Australia to work with some of Sydney’s best restaurants, sidestepping into the front of house where she learned exactly what it takes to operate the bones of a business and design healthy eating programs. It was also during this time that she established her very own food business, Madame Sausage.

A creative at heart, she is the innovator behind all of our amazing recipes, constantly sourcing high quality, wholefood ingredients and developing unique flavour combinations to awe and inspire. As Culinary Director, Susan is the driving force behind ensuring that everything at The Whole Kitchen is great tasting, well balanced and full of natural goodness.

Outside of work, Susan loves spending time with her family and children in the garden, enjoying the goodness of life - sitting around the table with good food, good wine, and good friends. To keep fit she enjoys going for runs, practicing yoga, and dancing like nobody’s watching.


Susan’s food philosophy
Enjoy your food wholeheartedly, appreciate it, eat local, eat everything on your plate, listen to your heart, follow your gut and consider Mother Earth.



Anne Swain, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Nutrition

Growing up on the sunny beaches north of Sydney Harbour is where Anne’s passion for healthy living began. With plenty of coast to run along, and the wide open ocean to swim in, she grew up with a love for fitness and the outdoors. Her passions led her to compete in triathlons, work as a Personal Trainer, and by the age of 20 she had already established her own mobile swimming school – all of which allowed her to coach and share her love for health with others.

Having proved herself as a young entrepreneur, Anne went on to obtain a degree in Commerce from Sydney University which saw her work in sales and marketing roles for a wealth of household-name brands and multinational FMCG companies. However, after eight years, Anne decided to follow her true calling and retrain as a Health Coach, reigniting her love for health, wellness, and helping people. Before co-founding The Whole Kitchen she dedicated her time to helping hundreds of people learn how to listen to their bodies and how best to use food to thrive. 

As Director of Nutrition, Sales and Marketing she is the driving force behind ensuring that everything in our kitchen is packed full of nutrients to nourish your body, as well as making sure our products are always easily available online and in-store. 

For Anne, happiness is spending time with her husband and son, being at the beach or in nature. She loves staying active, whether that be running, swimming, outdoor classes, or practicing yoga. Movement is more than just about having a healthy body, it’s also about having a healthy mind, keeping her inspired and motivated to be the best version of herself.


Anne’s food philosophy
Fill your plate with as many colourful plants as possible, keep learning, be kind to yourself, and above all, listen to your body as it is our greatest teacher!