Food for thought - Shifting crop production

Have you ever wondered what the biggest food commodities of the world are and which countries are the biggest producers?🤔

You may know that China produces the most rice but did you know that China is also the biggest producer AND consumer of wheat as well?!

Corn and wheat yields are double that of rice and soybean. With this enormous global supply of wheat and corn we are seeing this creep into our daily lives in all different formats.

Not only are they actual food products but they are used in processed foods, agriculture (animal feeds and pesticides), pharmaceutical, cosmetics, packaging and even building materials!

Corn is also being used as sugar substitutes in ways of high fructose corn syrup and other refined syrups and sweeteners.

This is just another reason to read food labels and understand where our food comes from. 
Stay tuned for more fun food facts n hacks from us soon! 
Top 10 commodities by production & leading producer (Metric tonnes)

Corn - 969mil - USA
Wheat - 711mil - China
Rice - 470mil - China
Soy (bean/meal) - 469mil - Brazil/Argentina
Fish - 160mil - China - EU/USA
Poultry - 84mil - USA
Palm Oil - 58mil - Indonesia - India
Beef - 58mil - Brazil
Coffee - 8.5mil - Brazil
Source: Food Processing Technology 2013.