New Year's Resolutions - Upgrade Your Health Goals in 2018

HAPPY 2018!

We are just over a week into the new year and resolutions are still fresh in everyone’s minds.

One of the most popular resolutions we see is a weight loss goal following the holiday season. It is always OK to have aesthetic goals- to look healthier - but here at The Whole Kitchen we are all about sustainability and how you feel.  Ready to give your health goals an upgrade this year?

Instead of chasing a “goal weight”, why not try setting a “goal feeling” instead?

Happy. Powerful. Strong. Balanced. Healthy. Radiant. Calm.

If you want to feel strong, why not try a new fitness class that gets you lifting heavy or challenges your body in different ways?

If you want to feel motivated, start that thing you’ve been putting off for the past 3 years. There is no better time, but the present.

If you want to feel healthy and balanced, eat real food that makes you feel your best, drink plenty of water, and ensure that you’re getting enough sleep every night.

One way that we try to get back on track after all the holiday feasts is by choosing to eat all natural ingredients, free from gluten and additives, and low in sugar to ease digestion and fuel our bodies. Consuming real, whole foods helps your digestive system to recover from the indulgent food you may have been enjoying, while reducing cravings for these foods. When your gut is happy, so is your brain! This means you’ll feel happier and more motivated to do things that serve your health.

It is also important to keep stress at bay, which could be toxic not just to your mental well-being, but your physical health as well. Yoga and mindfulness practices have been shown to be effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety, inducing feelings of calmness and clarity. Yoga and mindfulness practices have been shown to be effective ways to reduce stress. Other practices we like include taking long walks in nature, getting creative in the arts, or meditative activities like cooking or gardening.

Having a long-term mindset will allow you to TRULY nourish yourself in real, tangible ways, unlike feeling like you can't enjoy your food because you're "on a diet”. The power is back in your hands to make your actions align with your goals in a way that’s serving you both mentally and physically; by doing so you will be able to stick to your goal for way longer than a short-term weight loss plan.


A healthy body will follow a healthy mind!