Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Are you packing lunch for your kids or yourself? At The Whole Kitchen we always thrive to support you with our healthy food in your busy days. 

Here are some tips for a balanced and healthy lunch:
1. Plan ahead - planning for the week can help you make healthier decisions to meet your nutrition needs. 
2. Go for gluten free grains instead of refined carbohydrates for a steady release of energy
3. Including protein foods can help you feel full and satisfied 
4. Don’t forget to load up on vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to complete your lunch!

On busy days, “put-together” lunches are the way to go. Our whole food snack range makes it easier for you to assemble nutritious packed lunches to fill you up for a productive day.

Our Bread Rolls  are soft bread to make a great sandwich, just add your favourite toppings such as cheese, tomatoes and avocadoes. 

Our Pepper Pepitas Seed Mix is a delicious crunchy, fibre rich snack to add to your eggs, salads for lunch. 

Our Vegan Brownies  and Energy Pearls are great sweet treats to enjoy after your meals.

Check out all our snack range here:


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