Healthy Party Platters

Preparing a healthy and delicious platter with our baked goods and snacks is easy! Here are some inspirations for you.

1. Sweet & Savoury Platter with Beetroot Hummus, Brie, Parmesan cheese, veggie sticks, fresh fruits, veggie sticks,  The Whole Kitchen Mini MuffinsMini Vegan BrowniesEnergy Pearls, Lavosh/Crisp Bread and Rock Salt Rosemary Nut Mix.

2. Vegetarian Platter with Brie Cheese, Hummus, fresh fruits, veggie sticks and The Whole Kitchen Classic Baguette, Lavosh/Crisp Bread and Rock Salt Rosemary and Spicy Tamari Nut Mixes.

3. Keto Platter with avocadoes, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumber pickles, The Whole Kitchen Low Carb Nut & Seed Bread, Rock Salt Rosemary and Spicy Tamari Nut Mixes.

4. Vegan Platter with Artichoke dip, Hummus , veggies sticks, fresh fruits, The Whole Kitchen Soy& Linseed Baguette, Lavosh/Crisp BreadRock Salt Rosemary and Spicy Tamari Nut Mixes.

5. Sweet Platter with fresh fruits, The Whole Kitchen Mini MuffinsMini Vegan Brownies, and Energy Pearls.